I believe good Story deeply changes the world.

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the months following the diagnosis were one of the toughest, most emotionally draining times of my life. The recovery following my brain surgery was every bit as emotional and spiritual as it was physical. My faith was in tatters, and I wasn’t sure why or what I believed.

Then I reread A Wrinkle in Time. I devoured the words, racing through the pages. When I turned the final page of the book, I started sobbing.

Cleansing, restorative, life-giving sobs.

Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace reminded me who I was and what I believed in more than anything else had. In their story, I found a renewal of my faith, of my trust in God, and of my own calling to be a storyteller and bring light to this world.

This is why I’m passionate about developing my craft as a writer and working with writers and creatives. Through good writing, we can create stories that change lives in those dark places.

For more than a decade, I’ve amassed experience writing, editing, and helping creatives develop their craft. From technical writing to school essays, Christian non-fiction to young adult novels, marketing materials, and more, I’ve had the chance to work with a wide range of publications, authors, and projects.

When I’m not writing, editing, or gulping down the words of another great story, you can find me chasing my toddler (this is actually the majority of my time), loving on my husband, stretching it out on my yoga mat, or hiking through the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest. I’m also part of an awesome team of Jesus-followers and creatives that I absolutely love near Portland, Oregon.

You can always win my friendship with a good cup of coffee, some quality time and deep conversation, or a square of dark chocolate – preferably all three. Please reach out and connect. I’d love to chat with you about Story and see how I can help you become a storyteller who changes the world.