I’m Jenni, and I’m passionate about storytelling.


Because I believe good Story deeply changes the world.

I believe the Church (capital C – I’m talking about followers of Jesus everywhere) has two options – to react to and consume culture, or to create culture.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be about the business of being a culture-creator.

Our God is the Word, the Author of the Holy Spirit-breathed Bible, the Potter of hearts, the Singer, the Painter of sunsets. And yet he left room for you and me to create, impact, and change others’ lives through our works as well.

God has gifted artists with the ability to reach men’s hearts when Bible verses and sermons and prayers are bouncing right off them. Somehow, our art creates the softness of heart – the open crack – for light and the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to move in.

This is why I’m passionate about refining my craft, and it’s why I’m passionate about helping others refine their craft as well.